About Us

We have always used Hereford sires as crossing bulls, originally on our Friesian dairy herd and more recently on our Hereford cross suckler cows. The Auckvale prefix originated in the mid-1970's with the purchase of a few pedigree females. Several good bulls were bought at the Edinburgh sales and bulls were bred for our own use and for sale to local dairy farmers. Though commercial markets changed in the 1980's making bulls  almost impossible to sell in our area; we decided to concentrate on dairying and finishing commercial Hereford crosses.

In 1995 we bought Salbri Loftus the junior champion at the Hereford autumn sale, the following year in 1996 three heifers were purchased from Stan Quan's Border herd, and the Auckvale herd was re-established.

In 1998 we took the first two pedigree calves by "Loftus" to the National Hereford Show where "Redoubtable" was junior male champion and "Beauty" junior female champion. The following year "Redoubtable" was grand champion at the national autumn sale, a few more quality females were added to the herd in the late 1990's from the Border, Ervie and Westwood herds. Salbri Loftus did a first class job in our pedigree and commercial herds siring almost 600 calves until he was over 11 year old.
In 2003 we bought the impressive bull Longville Vaquero, his influence has been very positive and his son Auckvale Dynamo is breeding some quality calves for Richard Mann's Spinney herd.

2004 was a most successful year, winning the North of England Herd Competition at the first time of entering, which we have held ever since. Spring 2005 was momentous, seeing the birth at Auckvale of calves from Canadian embryos we imported from Hirsche Herefords and the T. Bar. K Herd. The most notable of these have been full brothers Auckvale Barnstormer and Auckvale Broadside, grandsons of one of Canada's top brood cows, J. V. Pearl, and sired by A. R. Adams Expansion. As yearlings in 2006 Broadside was reserve junior champion at the Royal Highland show and Barnstormer reserve supreme champion at the National Hereford Show. They have top EBV's and are breeding very well for us, with easy calving, they will improve both milk and growth rates. Sadly "Barnstormer" was lost due to a back injury in 2009; however we are most fortunate to have semen from him for sale both to the home and international market and a great crop of 2009 born "Barnstormer" sons.

In 2006 Ervie Top Class joined the herd and has left us many nice females. We have developed several strong cow families from our original purchases plus the female lines from Canada, with further new genetic introductions from the USA, bred from embryos imported from J. Berry in Wyoming, to maintain the progress of the herd.

Several "Barnstormer" and "Broadside" sons have been sold into pedigree herds including Auckvale Extrovert, exported to the Netherlands. 2009 was once again a successful year for us, Auckvale Enterprise 778E winning his class and the breed plan championship at the Royal Show and Auckvale Beauty 832F winning the grand female championship at the national Christmas calf show.

2010 and 2012, Auckvale Herefords retained the North of England herd competition title. Also for the first time we were recognised nationally in 2012 by achieving runner up in the National Herd of the Year Competition. At the national autumn show and sale Auckvale Hastings 1066H was Junior Champion, winning the Owen Williams Trophy, and along with Auckvale Hotstuff 1069H won the ATOK Challenge Trophy for best pair of bulls.